Our team is more than just your average set of Realtors. The work we do around the city gives us extensive knowledge about the inner workings of homes. If you’ve ever walked into a home and thought “I wonder if we could take that wall down,” or been concerned about the age of a home then we’re the team for you. We combine our knowledge of construction with our real estate knowledge to help you make the most informed and best purchases.


Joey Schihl

Real Estate Agent




Joey grew up in Richmond’s West End and has slowly made his way to the other end of town migrating to the city’s Fan District while attending VCU. He then took on his own renovation with his wife now residing happily within the Richmond City limits.

Outside of Real Estate: Kayaking and adventuring with their Brittany Spaniel.

Favorite RVA Spot: Huguenot Flatwater park and everything about Church Hill.


Jessica Black

Real Estate Agent




Jessica traded in her rural hometown for Richmond City when she came to VCU for college. She loved the city so much she stayed to attend VCU for her MBA. She enjoyed the process of buying her home last year with her fiancee so much that she decided to pursue a career in real estate.

Outside of Real Estate: Calligraphy, wedding planning, and training their new Aussie.

Favorite RVA Spot: Max’s on Broad, Shyndigz, and Mosaic (I just couldn’t pick!)


Josh Romano

Lead Agent




Josh started a career in real estate over eight years ago. He fell in love with homes on the Northside of the city and wanted to restore them to their former glory for families to continue to enjoy. Since starting renovations in the Northside he has continued to find things he loves about that side of the city.

Outside of Real Estate: Spending time with his family and working on renovation plans.

Favorite RVA Spot: Northside all the way


Breese Romano

Real Estate Agent




Breese grew up in Richmond’s Near West End and has had a long love of exploring the city. Taking a short break from the city to attend college in Alabama she returned to the city a few years after graduation and has been raising her kids here since.

Outside of Real Estate: Spending time with her kids and designing homes for Cobblestone.

Favorite RVA Spot: Caravati’s and Quirk rooftop